How’s your battery doing during the flight?



The new IISI Cockpit V2 receives telemetrie data from the TXE installed in your model and shows this data on the large, graphical display (240x120pixels). But this is just telemetry. Sure you want more!

While you’re flying, the Cockpit V2 informs you
about all relevant data and alarms you with sound
and vibration when it’s time to land - before the battery

is empty! You decide yourself how much spare capacity

you want to have.

The voice output (in CD quality) and the screen itself can be optimally adapted to your needs. It is for sure the most flexible telemetry display you can imagine. You can have your Cockpit V2 talking a lot (it’s a pleasure to listen to it), or only when it get’s critical, exactly how YOU want it. The intelligent voice controlling algorithms avoids repetition of obvious information, if the same values are announced wihin a short time.

Choose yourself (per model) how the screens are composed. No need to change model, your preferred view, data, size etc. is loaded automatically when you switch on your model.

Flying, not reading!

Since you most probably want to keep your eyes on your model, the Cockpit V2 can react on your finger tips or by shaking, and annoucnes you then the information you have decided to hear (e.g. clicking anywhere on the screen announces the remaining capacity and shaking the altitude). No need to have your Cockpit V2 talking all the time or even looking at the screen to know what you want to no.

The touch screen provides a simple, intuitive user interface. No hidden menues but context sensitive options for the values you see.

The data can be logged in .csv format and is nicely arranged (date - model name - time) so you can find your recent or past log files easily. A list with all your flight activity is available as well.

Do you have a Mac?

No need to have a specific operating system to communicate with your Cockpit V2.

As soon as you connect it to your computer (PC / Mac / Linux / Smartphones*) it hehaves like a USB stick, presenting all data in files and folders, as you’re used to.

Software updates are a snap: Just store the new software file (see downloads) on your Cockpit V2 - that’s it!

...what about my older IISI devices?

You are already using IISI and ask yourself if the older TXEs and EXPs can be re-used?
YES, they can!

Only with IISI: “Fly-Again”!

If the batteries are full, you may know how long you can fly. But if it’s not full?

You’ve done some adjustments on your heli and switch it on again? You have an glider and want to do a second flight after lunch?

No problem with IISI: The Cockpit V2 recognizes your model with the partially discharged battery and informs you how much capacity remains from the former flight.

No more guessing!

For any other case, the Cockpit V2 includes a battery capacity estimator, which

provides an estimated %age value for partially discharged batteries.

During the flight, the Cockpit V2 shows you always how much capacity remains in the battery; not only the voltage the battery currently has. The voltage drops under charge,  the amount is depending on battery type, age, current etc. So IISI provides you the best of both worlds with one single device in the model: Electric fuel gauge and low voltage alarm.

You know what’s going on!

You build a new plaen or helicopter? With IISI, you are always informed about current consumption in every situation and you can estimate easily which type of battery is best for your model.

You see in real time the battery voltage, remaining capacity, motor on time, number of flights, lifetime, etc. With additional components you can also see RPM, temperature, individual cell voltage, receiver battery voltage, etc. etc.

The IISI System uses 433MHz digitally coded transmission. No problem to have multipele pilots flying together and absolutely no interference with any 2.4GHz or 35MHz systems! (you should be aware that the telemetry transmitter is placed very close to your radio receiver, so it must be avoided that this 2 systems use the same frequency bands in an uncontrolled way.

The Cockpit V2 stores all firmware versions for your TXEs and EXPs and is able to do updates with a single click.

Multiple support units are available to mount the Cockpit V2 on your radio. See details in the shop.


Size: 100 x 56 x 20mm

Weight: 137g

Battery-Lifetime: 10-12 hours (a bit less when the loudspeaker is activ)

Standby time: >40h (the Cockpit V2 wakes up when you switch on your model)

Charging: Use a standard USB cable and charger (not included), charge time 1-3h

Interfaces: IISI-Link (Programming of TXE and EXP), USB (for software updates, log data readout), 3.5mm headphone.

Frequency: 433.92MHz (compatible ETSI EN 300 220)